Friday, May 22, 2009

Best friends with four legs...

I hope all of you have had the chance to have a best friend with four legs. The love and devotion is completely unique, and the pain when you lose that friend is as real as if you lost a family member. My family and I lost our beloved best friend of 11 years, Maggie, on 5/16. This is a tribute to her, she meant the world to us, brought us joy every minute of her life, and will always always be remembered with a smile.

So quiet this house, without you around,
the jangle of your collar was such a comforting sound.
Click clack went your nails as you paced across the floor,
waiting for the sound of someone you loved at the door.

The whining and snuffing when you welcomed them in,
Was your way of demanding the hugs and kisses never end.
The thump of your tail let us know you were content,
“Thwack Thwack” could be heard even when you were spent.

Your mission was to please, you always had a smile.
As long as we were happy your aches were all worthwhile.
No whine escaped your muzzle, never once did you complain.
We tried so hard to keep you here, but all our efforts were in vain.

You left your mark on all our hearts, dear Maggie it is true,
Our lives will never be the same without our beloved Moo.
But lessons we have learned, to appreciate today,
for tomorrow is not a promise, and there’s no more yesterday.

We will live each day to the fullest, with peace because we know,
outside the gates you patiently wait for each of us to show.
We’ll run and play and greet those we missed; we’ll see you again,
there is no such thing as eternity without you our beloved friend


  1. I was completely understanding those words and feelings.

    Then I got to the end and saw the picture and was blown away.

    See, our precious Tess had to be mercifully put down right about the same time. And it was heartwrenching after so many years of her beloved companionship.

    And she looks JUST LIKE your Maggie. Seriously - I can try to find a picture... you'd be amazed too. I'd like to think they're playing together while waiting for us!