Friday, February 12, 2010

Did It Again

So yes, I did it again, apparently all I am good for in the blog world is an enticing teaser and then a long absence :) I promise to try to stay a little longer this time. Especially since I have some exciting news (which contributed to my absence this time!).

This is baby Grace, and yes I am lucky enough to be her future mommy. She's wicked awesome (see how she's already giving the peace sign? I'm in love). I'm 25 weeks tomorrow!! And its been the most fantastic time of my life, even despite a little nauseau and 2 terrible colds. Due May 30th and wishing it would slow down in coming just a little so I can enjoy this ride as long as possible. We have been so busy getting everything ready, my husband closed on a house just before Christmas and started working on it January 2nd, so far so good! Hopefully we'll have it sold before she's born!!!
And we've worked out that he's going to try staying home with her for the first couple of years full time if it works out financially, so I've been getting him all kinds of information on being a stay-at-home-dad, he is thrilled and I really hope we can swing it (and that I don't have a fit of jealousy and quit my job when I have to go back to work!). Good news is if the house sells well we just might both be able to stay home with her together for the entire summer, I'm crossing fingers and toes for that. Kinda scary having so much up in the air right now so I just try to focus on her little kicks and not get overwhelmed, yikes!
So sorry for the long delay and I promise promise to keep you posted! Haha, pun intended :)

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  1. Ok, it's just about time for another post. How have you been? :)