Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making....

Today is no doubt a historical day. The first black president will be sworn in to office, and I for one am excited. Even if you don't like Obama, you have to be celebrating the fact that BUSH IS GONE!! Hopefully never again will we have to hear a bumbling speech or listen to him talk about things he has no idea about. Though I am an Obama supporter and have been since mid-way through the election when I finally made a decision on my candidate. I think Obama can inspire, I think he can bring the nation and the two parties together as hasn't been done in many years, and I am sincerely hoping he will be a path to change. Because this country needs a lot of change, change in outlook, change in perspective, change in culture, change in attitude, change in tolerance, in policy, education, health care, you name it and it needs to be fixed. I think he can envelope the younger generations into the world of politics and hopefully unite generational gaps and differences. And let's hope he can bring a little honesty back to the world of politics, maybe make it actually about the people and not the big companies or the politicians wallets or the plight of the upper class. I don't want to hear one more person argue with putting higher taxes on the upper class and lightening the burden on the lower class. Don't they get enough breaks in life?? This is not a meritocratic society, yes there are opportunities for those born without to rise up and make a name for themselves based on hard work and determination, but in 9 out of 10 cases its just not possible, more often than not you end up with Paris Hilton's or Miley Cyrus's. Their good fortune was helped along by the fame of their parents. Can you honestly tell me either would have made it where they are, or could make it to where they are, if they hadn't had a leg up? And at least Miley does something for her fame, Paris doesn't even have that to say for herself. She had a leg up to the bar counter so she could dance on it and sing karaoke to her own songs that were only recorded because she had money (meritocratic or unmeritocratic?) This is getting off track and bitter, back to topic!

The thing that I find appalling is the attitudes and comments I hear from people who obviously were not Obama supporters. Its amazing how negative people can be. I've heard people say that any democrat would have won, which is absolutely not true. If you have a problem with Obama beating McCain, there is no one to blame but McCain himself. If he hadn't picked Sarah Palin, ANYONE other than Sarah Palin, he very likely could have won. I was going back and forth on Obama vs. McCain myself and I was about as anti-Bush as they come. Its almost as though people want Obama to fail so they can say "Ha! Told you so!". I actually saw one blogger say she would be continually tracking and blogging his failures. So in essence she can't wait for him to fail. Does she realize a failure is another blow to the US economy? Another person I saw said, "Today is just another day, you couldn't pay me to watch". Honestly? You are that petty that you can't celebrate the day the first black president will take oath? I certainly hope this is the minority.... you have to get behind a new president and support his efforts even if you may not agree with everything he says or does. If he does fail, then so be it, by all means blog all you want, but at least give the guy 6 months before passing judgement! And at least don't knock today, this is a day of history, how can you not support that and get caught up in the excitement? These are the moments where you really feel like a united nation, revel in it while it lasts!

Quotes from MSN:
The TV reporters keep saying, 'Look at all the blacks here today.' Give it a rest!
Go get 'em, Obama!
—Dave, Plattsburgh, N.Y.
You are not in this alone. The country is behind you. Lean on us, President Obama.
—John, Sycamore, Ill.
Obama is just a rock star right now. Reality starts tomorrow.
—Pam, San Antonio
It is amazing to see a man of color embraced by the world.
—Edith, Columbus, Ohio
Obama's giving people false hope, and they will be disappointed in just the first year.
—Marnie, O'Fallon, Mo.
Maybe middle-class America will have "golden years" after all. God be with him and his family.
—Willie, Dumfries, Va.
It's all right to be bitter.
—Felicia, Jackson, Miss
I'm from Louisiana and did not support Obama, but if he can help the country I love, so be it.
—Raymond, Baton Rouge, La.
I pray that Obama will not be a celebrity but a leader. Good luck and God be with him.
—Darrin, Montpelier, Ohio
Give the guy a chance to work before deciding what will happen.
—Jaci, Blooming Prairie, Minn.
A very historic and important day for our country. I hope he lives up to the hype.
—Missie, Abingdon, Va.
A united America, a new era begins, under a new leader. Let's all work together toward prosperity!
—Susan, Springfield, Ill.
Today is truly an inspiration for everyone to DREAM BIG. This movement's infectious.
—Courtney, Phoenix
I am thrilled to be an American today. History is being made!
—Sandy, Springfield, Ill.
I am 45 years old and overjoyed for Obama! I wish my dad was alive to see this.
—Anne, Oklahoma City, Okla.
People need to be careful on whom you worship, Obama or God? I choose God.
—Ralph, Fargo, N.D.
Time for hope to morph into action. God bless America!
—C., Henderson, Texas
How long before America knocks this latest hero off his pedestal?
—Marie, Trinidad
I'm very excited about today. Obama will bring change and a touch a class to this country.
—Bethany, Euclid, Ohio
Would like to have seen the holiday for MLK changed to today. Then all children could watch.
—Paul, Selma, Ala.
Go, Obama!
—Casey, Menasha, Wis.
President Obama, I am so sorry for the ignorance still in this country. God bless, America.
—Terri, Dallas
America needs President Obama. Set aside your prejudices for the good of the country.
—Daniel, Miami
I feel like we are celebrating his color instead of the event.
The media already has him walking on water and restoring Stevie Wonders sight! Enough already!
—Matt, Victoria, Texas
Obama is a MAN not the MESSIAH. Quit worshiping him.
—Renee, Phoenix
I wish my grandmothers had lived to see it. I'd love to see and hear their reactions.
—Cynthia, Alpharetta, Ga.
Traffic, shut-down bridges, too many people in town. I hope it snows to drive people away.
—Scott, Arlington, Va.
This is the first step in restoring and returning the U.S. to its former world-class reputation.
—Jamie, Concord, N.C.
Obama is treated like a superstar. He hasn't even done anything yet.
—Michael, New York City
This president will hear our voices. This country has come a long way.
—William, Woodbridge, N.J.
I will be there with my 14-year-old daughter to celebrate and share in this wonderful event.
—Mary, Buffalo, N.Y.
Politics as usual, with a left bent. Hold on to your pocketbook. Yawn.
—Bob, Las Vegas
I couldn't care less. Not because I do not support Obama. I am just ready to get down to business.
—Nette, Jacksonville, Fla.
History-making, reminds me of the "Camelot" years. Bringing hope to millions.
—Sue, Sault Sainte Marie, Mich.
I want to hear what this new president will do, instead of talking about his color.
—Nancy, Katy, Texas
I am taking the day off work and having an inauguration party.
—Sara, Des Moines
It's a complete waste of money.
—David, Manhattan, Kan.
It just means another circus is in town; same old clowns doing the same old tricks.
—Bennie, Lewiston, Idaho
It's history and proves that anything is possible in America, the land of opportunity.
—Mike, Tulsa, Okla.
Obama probably has a more difficult job at this time than anyone for the past 40 years.
—Steve, Concord, Calif.

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