Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sleeping Beauty...

That is what I will be, come Friday. I have every intention of sleeping 12 hours every night, wasting away the days in my PJ's on the couch, and eating take-out for every meal. I feel as though I haven't stopped since November, and I can't wait to take a break!! It went like this starting at the beginning of November: Goodwill Auction event (I was on the auction committee), Anniversary, raking 34 bags of leaves, Thanksgiving, raking 19 more bags of leaves, Goodwill annual meeting, putting up Christmas lights, PJ's mom's Christmas party, shoveling 2 feet of snow THREE TIMES, sending out baby shower invitations, sending out Christmas cards, work Christmas party, redo the living room and dining room, Christmas decorations, get Christmas gifts and Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve party, Christmas day dinner, day after Christmas dessert night, host my high school friends for game night, New Years Eve party at the neighbors, host my sister and a mutual friend and her husband for another game night, sister in laws baby shower. And I managed 24 hours at the zoo in between. You'd be tired too!

Anyhoo, Christmas was a lot of fun, we decided two weeks before Christmas to redo the living room and dining room before we had everyone over Christmas day. It was just paint and fixtures and accessories but its surprising how long just paint and fixtures and accessories takes, and how expensive!! But I LOVE it. Its warm and comfortable and will be very conducive to my slug fest this weekend :) Christmas day went by in a blur of turkey, apple pie, and Wii, which I couldn't get my family to turn off. The house looked great, the food was fantastic, everyone got what they wanted, and it was a very cozy day. Thank god its over and I don't have to worry about it again for at least 11 months ;)

And finally, Sunday was my sister in laws baby shower which went well! Its surprising how competitive a game of baby shower bingo can get, some of those ladies were not leaving without a prize! A couple were genuinely upset that the rules of the game were not more structured and I feared for my life at one point. But Tiff really enjoyed herself and I'm so happy for that because she needed a little joy right now. Of course, I managed to fall, but that shouldn't come as a surprise. I almost took out an 18 month old baby in the process, I felt horrible because I'm pretty sure I stepped on her foot, but we both made it out alive and with minimal tears.

THREE MORE WEEKS TILL I MEET MY NIECE!! I woke up this morning with baby fever again so she'd better get here soon, my resolve is weakening :)

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