Friday, February 27, 2009

I've ZORBED, have you?

Since I had so much fun posting the pictures last time, I figured I would introduce you all to one of my all-time favorite vacations in a little collage :)

Last year in April, my husband, sister, her boyfriend, and I decided to take a road trip. It all started when we saw a commercial for a truck, and in the back of the truck was a giant bubble ball (see the Superbowl commercials do pay off!). We had to know what it was so we looked it up online and were introduced to the craziness that is Zorb'ing. A company in Australia created the Zorb ball, and there are only a handful of locations throughout the world, the only one in the US being in Tennessee. So that is where we were headed. After a brief stop in Washington and some artsy photo ops, we were off for the 10 hour scenic drive to Tennessee!

We stayed in a beautiful log cabin in Pigeon Forge, but of course the hot tub was the best feature!

There was lots to do in Pigeon Forge and surrounding towns like Gatlinburg. We hit up it seemed like every shop on the strip, each with an old western store front, and of course the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum!! It had this awesome green-wall we spent about an hour in front of, it would take your picture and capture your shadow! And you can't forget all of the majestic views and trailways of the Smokey Mountains!

And the highlight, the very reason for the trip, was to have our ZORB adventure. As we pulled up to the Zorb center, this is what we saw:

Oh that's right, the whole point is to get in the ball:

And roll down the hill :)

It was the best ride of my life!!!!! With water (just like a water slide):


And without (this was quite the bumpy ride, you actually register G-Forces!):

Aaahhh yes... what would a vacation be without rolling down a backwoods hill in a giant bubble ball. It was a dream come true :) And sadly, it was time to leave before we knew it, though we had to stay a night in Gettysburg and drive through Ahmish country on the way home in order to truly call it a road trip.

Vacation or not, remember to be silly, enjoy life, and always remember how to get home.


  1. That things looks like a blast to ride in.

  2. That bubble thing would make me dizzy, but it looks fun.